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Shell Clad

Shell Clad is a flexible display solution that delivers high impact, seamless graphics for shell schemes.

ETC ShellClad
Shell Clad is a modular, seamless graphics system that offers the superb finish of rigid graphic panels, but using velcro backed rollable graphics that you can transport in a car!

For more information, please download the PDF below:

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ETC ShellCladETC ShellClad


Shell Clad fixing clips (Above Left) combined with the velcro backed Magi Clad Panels (Above Right) gives you full graphic overage over the entirety of your shell scheme walls - so no more wasted display space.


There are only two steps to installing your Magi Clad panels graphics:
STEP 1: 
Simply clip your Shell Clad fixing clips (Above Left) into the shell scheme pillars. 
Next hang your Magi Clad panels (Above Right) onto the Shell Clad fixing clips. The skill set required is similar to wall papering, but with panels that cannot tear or bubble up! Both your clips and panels are pre-prepared with velcro, so this is a simple, tool free process and is far easier than hanging solid panels.
You can apply over-lay graphics (words an images) and even lightweight displays to the front face of Magi Clad. Ideal for special show messages, updating product info or images and for 3D relief displays.

ETC MagiClad

ETC Shel Clad